Somewhere among the stars, planets orbited a super heated ball of gas. Three places from the sun was a planet that was covered mostly by great blue oceans. Seven continents were scattered across the water. Most of the continents were connected to each other by pieces of land. On the other side of the world was one continent, separate from the rest. It was here that, as people argued, the greatest country on the planet existed. Near the northern border of this country was perhaps one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

The lights of New York City could be seen from miles away, from all directions. Along with spreading out on all sides, the city grew upwards in the form of majestic skyscrapers. It was in one of the shortest skyscrapers in the city that Papier Co had its headquarters.

All of the building’s lights were off except for one on the north side, on the second highest story. Sitting behind a desk, the CEO of the company stared out that lighted window at the majesty that was the City. His pen had frozen mid-word as he prepared a document to present to the Board the following morning. It looked as though he wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night. Again.

B. Valdez 1.16.14



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