The Captain

You can call me Captain Davenport, of the Gilded Leviathan. It is my mission in life to uncover the hidden treasure of Argo Bay: a city of gold that sunk into the sea centuries ago. Many have tried. Many have joined those souls that sunk with the city. I won’t though. I will deliver the treasure of the city unto your hands. Piece by piece and day by day, I will pull the literary treasures left behind by the inhabitants of the once proud city from the deep. Sometimes I’ll bring up fragments first and it will be up to you which one I will retrieve. Check my log daily for updates on the progress of my excursion.

As for myself, my history isn’t too important. I have a limited family history, starting somewhere with my great grandfather, but I’ll spare you the details. They aren’t important. Just know that I am one of the few sailors left these days worth their weight in salt. Well, sailor is a bit of a generous term. Suffice it to say that I am not a man of the navy, like my father. But then, naval vessels sink as soon as they get within a league of the Bay.

Occasionally I won’t be available to update you of the progress of my hunt for the treasure at the bottom of Argo Bay. In that case, the captain’s log may be updated by one of the men on my crew. They have nothing to hide so I might as well tell you a bit about these guys.

First Mate Wagner: He was my best friend growing up. We both had fathers in the navy and met on a vessel one summer we had both been cabin boys on. I could entrust Wagner with my life. He was a natural choice for first mate. He’s also pretty good with a sword, which helps. Wagner’s been interested in Argo Bay since his father’s ship went down in the area.

Second Mate Cisco: Cisco’s a former first mate of an old rival of mine, Corbett (of the Smoky Dragon). He’s the only survivor from the greatest ship that the Bay has claimed in recent years. He had been a cabin boy at the time before he joined up with Captain Corbett. Corbett scouted him from the wreckage. The two had a falling out several years ago so Cisco jumped ship.

Cabin Boy Laroque: He is the newest and youngest member of our crew. We actually just picked him up at the last stop before voyaging to Argo Bay. Laroque tends to keep to himself and doesn’t share much. He is a boy of many secrets. Put simply, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

Doctor Whitefield: Though Whitefield isn’t his original name, it is the only name that friends and enemies of the Leviathan know him as. Whitefield used to have quite the reputation as a doctor before he joined with us. After a turn of events some years ago, he came to me asking to join my crew. He’s been with us ever since.

Others: Navigator Milton, Quartermaster Gaskin, Shipwright Elias, and Lookout Rowles

And of course there are many, many more but I won’t list them all. This should be enough to help you get the idea.

Please visit the Current Payroll page for an up-to-date list of my current crew as well as a list of those who have died, gone defunct, missing, or otherwise.

Feel free to contact me using the form below if you have questions or comments about this log.


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