Letter Two

Dearest Eliseo,

The days are too long. I mean, a few nights ago, I lost my job. Now I sit around the house with nothing to do. Sure, I help Mother out but taking Whire to Academy and picking him up. I even made dinner last night. But Father only stares down his nose at me, never saying anything. I know he’s disappointed. Perhaps he’s even more disappointed in me than he is in you. That’s why he says the things he says, about you I mean. That you left for a reason and that you did what you had to do. He’s disappointed.

I know it won’t be long before Father disowns me and kicks me out. I mean, I’m not offering anything useful to this family or his name. I’ve never been interested in courting. Remember when we went to Academy? The girls were always trying to get my attention. I didn’t even notice. I couldn’t tell you now if I ignored them on purpose or if I was just too naïve to understand their advances. You were always with Jutta then so I suppose you didn’t get the same treatment.

And I can’t seem to get another job. Word travels quickly through this City. My boss has already told every other potential employer for a man of my talents what happened between him and me. I’ll spare you the details, Eli, but it was a shameful thing for me to do. I would blame you but I just don’t have it in my heart to do so.

I might not have a choice now, Eli. I’m thinking of leaving the City too. Maybe I can find you and we can be together again, journey the world together. You can show me everything great that you’ve already discovered. Show me the kings and princes, the great sea vehicles that we learned about in Academy. And the gold, Eli. Tell me there’s real gold out there? Is it as gorgeous as we once thought? Prettier than the light of the setting sun? You know, maybe all of that majesty would outweigh the potential of meeting the evils of that world.

Chances are I’d never catch you. If the world is as large as they say . . . . And for all I know, those evil people have probably already gotten you.

Hey, Eli? Please send a letter back if you get this. Just so I can know for certain that you are still out there.

All the best,



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