The Treasure of Argo Bay

Below the gently lapping waves,
farther down than yet the diver braves,
there lies a treasure. A forgotten treasure.

For centuries it has lay
forgotten in the Argo Bay
of Gold. A gilded bay.

For centuries it will continue
to hide in the depths of the cool blue ocean
yet disturbed by a gentle gust. A terrible gust.

Once there was a proud society,
built atop the outcropping of the bay
for all to see. A sight lost.

Once there was a city paved with streets of gold
that had yet to behold
the evils of its inhabitants. A dormant evil.

To lie dormant for years
the city would until one courageous enough
set about searching. A search wasted.

It cannot be uncovered,
that which wishes to remain hidden.
A hidden treasure. A forgotten city.

B. Valdez (May 19, 2013)


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