Captain’s Log Day 58

Ahoy . . . .

Eliseo . . . I heard so much about him, even though he was a taboo subject. People still talked about him. Particularly to me. The brother he never knew.

It’s because he left that my city was grieving. Because he left, my city destroyed us all. It would have taken me with it too but I left when I started hearing the city move. Orslone sank to the bottom of the sea to imprison her residents with her for all eternity.

It’s his fault I lost my home. And everything I held dear. It’s Eliseo’s fault.

I have to find him. I have to find Eliseo and kill him. He must pay for what he’s done.

I’ve convinced Davenport to move on from Argo Bay. He understands now that he must let the great city rest in peace. She was never meant to be disturbed. She never wanted us here. But she tolerated the Leviathan because Eliseo and I were onboard. A shame he never took the time to know his little brother better.

This log will be available always for your perusal. However, if you want updates on how we’re doing on our new adventures, you’ll have to check the new log. Check back tomorrow for navigation to the new log. I’ll also provide a route to it from various pages of this log. A note on this new log though: as we won’t be providing treasures (though you might still get the captain’s poems), we will only be updating the new log once a week.


First Mate Future Captain Laroque Whire


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