Captain’s Log Day 54


I was . . . in charge of the expedition today. See below.

Dearest Eliseo,

I overheard my officer speaking to a few others this morning. Eli, I, I think my unit is going to be deployed soon. I don’t know where we’re going but he said that he had a conference with the Director to discuss our progress.

I lost track of time, Eli. I guess it could be true that we’ve been training long enough to know what we’re doing. Eli, I’m scared. I’m even more scared of this than I have been all my life of the world outside our City. I’ve been taught things that I never wanted to know how to do. And I’m scared that I may have to use these skills and use them soon.

Eli, where are you? I need you. Stop this. Stop the City from training our young people and sending them off to kill never to be seen again.

When you get this letter—not if, but when—I’ll be long gone. It’s already too late for me and the boys already here. But maybe you can stop this from happening. That is, if you ever return.

This might be the last letter I’m able to write. And at that, I’m sneaking around. But I don’t know what else to do. And there’s so much to say. Too much, as it is. It’d take a letter of a hundred pages or more to accurately convey my feelings right now.

You need to know, though, Eli, what I’ve found out. Maybe it will help you talk some sense into the citizens. Only they can stop the Director from sending away our youth.

When the Forces are ready, one unit at a time, they are sent into the clouds. The officer remains behind. The top man from the class becomes the unit’s commander. But they’re sent into the clouds to the Heavens to prevent Evil from entering our City. I knew the Forces fought against Evil but, Eli, did you know that this is where they went? The officers claim we were chosen by the Divine for this job, that’s why we couldn’t be consolidated into society.

Do you see, Eli? This is why the boys are never seen again. Once the Forces join the Divine, they can never return. They must fight the Evil until they are killed or keel over dead.

I guess this is good-bye, Eli. Take this information to our friends, family, and neighbors. Tell them that this is what’s happening to their children, nephews, and friends that don’t get consolidated.

With love always,

I failed you, brother.


Ship’s Doctor Elias