Captain’s Log Day 51

Ahoy Mateys!

Captain Davenport at your service once more! Turns out that Cisco was a traitor all along. Didn’t exactly kill him or that scum Corbett but the Smoky Dragon is no more–claimed by the sunken city of Argo Bay just like so many before her! Unfortunately, we of the Gilded Leviathan watched Captain Corbett and his trusty First Mate Cisco–along with several others from his crew, including our own Lookout Rowles– escape beyond the horizon in one of the Dragon‘s massive life boats. Well, we probably haven’t seen the last of them.

So, now I am out a first mate, a second mate, a lookout, and apparently a cabin boy. Well, since Laroque did such a fine job as first mate–including releasing me–I am keeping him promoted. Most of our men survived the bloody battle with Corbett’s crew unscathed but a few were injured. It isn’t anything that Elias can’t handle. In fact, I’m promoting that boy to Ship’s Doctor. This title isn’t something given lightly as its bearer has the responsibility of fixing the ship and healing the crew. Corbett’s men either jumped overboard, were killed, or sunk with the Dragon. However, a boy not much younger than Laroque has survived. He is being cared for by Elias and I will give him a second chance at life, as our cabin boy of course. Noble, that’s his name.

I remain out a lookout and a second mate. I don’t believe a second mate to be a necessity currently so I will wait to hire one when we must return to port. For now, Milton will double as our lookout and navigator. I will also hire a new lookout when we reach port. And if Noble has no desire to join my crew, I will drop him off at port and find a new cabin boy as well.

Expeditions shall resume tomorrow. I apologize for the delay.


Captain Davenport


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