Captain’s Log Day 48


The ship is in chaos. Apparently I don’t say that enough these days. Laroque released Davenport before I could. The two of them managed to inspire some semblance of unity in the men not totally taken by Cisco and Corbett. They’ve been battling against Corbett’s men–along with Cisco, Rowles, and the other few men following the supposed captain willingly–since late last night.

Me? I’ve been locked in the hold. With this log, yes. Laroque did it. That brat. Apparently he thinks that at least someone should survive here and that I’m safest in this prison. Why I should survive is beyond me. Maybe because I’m the only one that can repair the ship? And the only one with some knowledge of medicine and healing? And he gave me the log so the story can be told, I guess. I’m a bit concerned as to why he thinks that no one but me will survive. Which makes me wonder how I’m supposed to survive if no one lives to release me.

The sounds of battle are constant though at this point they’ve died down quite a bit. Someone is losing.

I wonder about the Smoky Dragon. How close is it? Will it sink? Maybe it has already.

Evidently there is no treasure for you today. None of the captain’s poems either. But, hey, look, I found this collection of stills down here. So I’ll include one here.

0629131154 (2)

It can perhaps be used as a representation of how I’m feeling right now.

Also, guess I’ll add a new tab to the log for these stills. Hopefully it will matter some in the future.


Shipwright Elias


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