Captain’s Log Day 45


Well . . . things were running smoothly . . . uh, sorta. As smoothly as they can when your ship has been taken over by the former second mate and then he goes MIA leaving a boy no older than 12 or 15 in charge. Now that Rowles has returned, Laroque feels challenged and, well, all Hell broke loose, putting it lightly. The ship is in chaos and the crew quite divided. Neither Laroque or Rowles wanted to leave in pursuit of another treasure for fear that their slim control would be broken–you know each is in charge of one half of the crew, right? It’s almost an all out war. If Cisco doesn’t come back tonight, I’m going to release Davenport. No one can inspire unity in such a thoroughly loathsome group of men as he.

I apologize for the lack of a treasure today . . . . I wanted to stick around in case blood was spilled. With Whitefield gone, I’m the only one onboard the ship that has any knowledge of healing.


Shipwright Elias


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