Captain’s Log Day 36


Last chance to vote and help me decide on my first mate as well as the fate of our former captain, Davenport. Please visit the Day 33 log to cast your vote. Results will be revealed tomorrow and expeditions to the sunken city will resume on the subsequent day.

As for the ship that Rowles spotted yesterday . . . well, they’re still within our sight lines and I believe they’ve even dropped anchor. They aren’t within firing range. I can tell the flag they fly is a jolly roger but I can’t make out any more details of the ship. It seems familiar but I’m not entirely sure. I’ve told Rowles to keep his eye on it. Maybe they’ve heard about what we’re doing here and are curious to watch our progress. Who knows. If they’re still on the horizon come tomorrow, I may have to go speak with their captain.

I apologize for the unsubstantial log entries as of late but I’ve had my hands full. As I’ve said, as soon as I get my first mate promoted, I’ll have more to offer you.

All will be well.


Captain Cisco


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