Captain’s Log Day 34


I will leave those options open and available to you for the next two or three days. I don’t want to be hasty with my decisions. So feel free to peruse yesterday’s entry for your choices. You can reach the voting stations here: Captain’s Fate and First Mate.

As for our expeditions, I’ll resume those soon. I don’t want to leave the ship so soon after the takeover and I don’t want to trust anyone else just yet. I couldn’t live with myself if we ended up having deserters over this. Although, I wouldn’t mind terribly much if it was that shipwright deserting. I can’t trust him. I won’t trust him. If it wasn’t for the fact that we need a shipwright available at all times, I would imprison him also. But once I imprisoned him, I don’t suspect that he would cooperate with me if the ship became damaged. Thus, I must let him walk.

He is . . . shifty though, isn’t he? He’s not like the rest of us, I can tell you that. Have you seen his handwriting? It is much neater than all ours. Have you heard him talk? Has a strange accent, he does, and always uses proper grammar and sentences. He’s not very much a pirate at all. I wonder what made him decide upon this lifestyle. He seems to be from the upper crust. Maybe he has riches untold tucked away somewhere. Hmmm, maybe I should try to get close to him. You know? Get him to trust me wholly. I could use some riches. Literary treasures can only go so far.


Captain Cisco


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