Captain’s Log Day 33

Glorious morning!

I have to say, I gave him the chance. I did speak with Captain Davenport two days ago about promoting me to first mate now that that Wagner is gone. He wouldn’t have of it, even insisted that Whitefield would bring Wagner back. So yesterday . . . we made our move. Enough of the crew agreed easily to rally behind me. Davenport is now our prisoner and I–Cisco–am now your Captain.

A few other personnel changes must be made as I am in need of a first mate. I could do without a second mate for now but I must have a first mate–a first mate I can trust at that.

So I have two questions for you and I’ll include a place for you to cast your vote in this entry.

The first question is: who shall I make my new First Mate?

And the second: what should we do with our prisoner, Davenport?

I will resume the expeditions to the sunken city shortly.


Captain Cisco


3 thoughts on “Captain’s Log Day 33

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