Captain’s Log Day 21


You know, I wish I could’ve predicted that going to port was a bad idea. I’d rather be a shipwright with no work to do than a man doing ten things at once and not one of them is something that he knows how to do. That is the situation that I–along with Laroque–currently find myself in. Guess that’s the punishment I get for remaining on board the ship while everyone else was on the town doing I can only guess what.

Anyway, the captain didn’t want to leave Wagner’s side this morning so that leaves me to update this log. He didn’t even give me a poem or something to leave with you.

At this time, we’re probably about a day out from the spot by Argo Bay that we had been in before. Unfortunately the captain wants to go right up to the beach because Whitefield thinks it would benefit his patients by being on dry land. The captain also wants to find out what else is on the island. Maybe there’s another settlement or resources perhaps.

I don’t approve.

It’s bad enough that we’re plundering the site of the sunken city.

Although I would like to know what happened to it.

And its residents.


Shipwright Elias


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