Captain’s Log Day 19


Cutting to the chase. Against my better judgment, we have set sail once more. Whitefield has the necessary supplies to tend to the crew. Elias has fixed the hull. Currently, the ship is being run by only a handful of men–the one’s unaffected by the attack and the ones that sustained only cuts and bruises. Not exactly the dream team (to include Elias, Laroque, and Milton) but they’ll do. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to train Laroque and maybe put a little extra trust in him. Thankfully Milton came out alright or else we wouldn’t be able to navigate back. I promise I’ll be getting treasures to you again soon.

Until then, I will leave you with another of my poems:

A City Dead

The sound of silence
in the air.

The barren streets
you do share.

A covering of dust
you do wear.

The hapless burden
you do bear.

The secret hidden
not to share.

The occupants under
the broken layer.

A siege fought
without fear.

A scar carved
under the harsh glare.

Broken, burned, bent, forgotten.
A city defeated, a city lost, a city forgotten.
A city dead.

I almost wonder if this is the kind of image that the city of Argo Bay became before the cliff collapsed or if the city was still alive and throbbing when that happened. Guess we’ll never know.


Captain Davenport


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