Captain’s Log Day 18

Er . . . ahoy,

I don’t really feel that I should be the one updating the log but . . . as it is, I am one of the last men from the Leviathan left standing. See, Captain Corbett pulled into port this morning and, well, there was a battle . . . . I mean, Corbett’s men attacked ours in the streets of town and wounded most that were there. Whitefield doesn’t think Gaskin will make it. Wagner is unconscious but otherwise unharmed. Cisco has been slipping between unconscious and awake all day but Whitefield thinks he’ll live too. And Davenport is spending his time visiting everyone.

I didn’t get attacked. I don’t think Corbett’s men know that I’m part of Davenport’s crew. Elias didn’t get attacked either. Well, he also hasn’t left the ship.

I’ll see if I can get the captain to update the log tomorrow. We might not be leaving port again for a awhile. Corbett’s men have left–only because Milton killed one of their guys, and they got it worse than us–but we’re currently unfit to sail. Personally, I just want to get out of here.


Cabin Boy Future Captain Laroque


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