Captain’s Log Day 17


We will be in port for the rest of today along with all of tomorrow. I have given my crew liberty to spend the night on shore. I’m not leaving the ship. I’ll be here.

I understand that Wagner told you the story of my rivalry with Corbett. I can assure you he left out one essential detail. I killed Corbett’s brother. In cold blood. It was nothing short of murder. I was young and rash and I just wanted to get the man back. I won’t give you more details than that though.

Anyway, I thought I’d leave you with a poem today since you haven’t gotten anything literary in a while. See below.

A Dream I Once Had

The sky was filled with fire
The earth embraced with frost
The living beings trembled
The gods shook with rage
The winds whipped rocks around
The lightning struck the air
The rain fell from oceans
The volcanoes sucked in ash
The world was in chaos
All this in a dream I once had

We’ll see what I can dig up for you tomorrow.


Captain Davenport


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