Captain’s Log Day 16

Hello again,

We’ve sighted Haleton and continue to move towards it. Milton is hoping to be there by night fall though we won’t actually approach the port until tomorrow. Looks like the crew will be going without dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. Davenport is keeping himself in his cabin. I think he’s trying to abstain from eating so that there’s more to go around for the rest of us. I’m not concerned. The captain’s always been like that.

As for the results, there seems to be a tie. Well, not “seems to be.” There is a tie. And the tie is between hearing about the history of this crew along with the rivalry between Captain Davenport and Captain Corbett of the Smoky Dragon. Other than Corbett or Davenport themselves, I am the best person to give you information about this rivalry (and I would be one of the best resources for the history of this crew as well). Due to the tie, I’m going to make my own decision and tell you about the rivalry, as it involves less personal information about our crew in general.

At the root of everything is the Gilded Leviathan. Corbett has been a man of the sea for at least a good fifteen years longer than we have. He’s from the southwest kingdom (I’m not sure the name) on the Western Continent. That in itself added fuel to the fire (Davenport and I being from the western kingdom on the Eastern Continent). Corbett’s heritage has also added to his brutality. I mean, everyone knows that the people of that kingdom are brutes and rogues at best (savages and murderers at worst).

But the Gilded Leviathan. Corbett was sailing some less than acceptable vessel while the Leviathan was being built. I believe his original ship (not built by men of his kingdom–they aren’t really a sea people) was sunk by the navy a few years before. I don’t know the particulars. So he had his sights on a superior vessel.

Corbett was sailing just outside the port where the Leviathan was built, just waiting for it to be completed. Cisco tells us that Corbett’s shipwright wanted to take the ship about a week before it was finished, claiming that he would have no problem finishing it. Well, Corbett’s shipwright is from the same kingdom so I guess the captain doubts his abilities–and insisted on waiting. It is my opinion that Corbett wanted to take the Leviathan once it had set sail on its inaugural voyage just so he could say that he had plundered the admiral’s ship.

Davenport and I took it the night before. Davenport’s father wanted us to become men of the navy–like him and my father. It was actually when we were both cabin boys on the same ship that the idea of countering the law, as it is, became attractive to us. Davenport would rather not have had anything to do with the admiral’s ship but I convinced him to take it. See, what better way than to blaze the sea and get the world’s attention on us than by taking the greatest ship ever built from the greatest nation and navy?

Well, we managed to get it out of port. When the sun came up, Corbett’s inferior vessel was trailing us. With a lot of sweat and ingenuity (for we were just two guys, barely into adulthood, with only cabin boy tasks for experience), we managed to turn the Leviathan broadside to Corbett’s vessel. And we managed to sink his ship. I’m not sure how many guys he lost that day but he’s just lucky that we were so close to port or else I’m sure he wouldn’t have survived. Then, Cisco said he gathered his most trustworthy four into the one lifeboat.

The next time we saw Corbett was about three months later. We had a sort of skeleton crew in comparison to the size of our ship. Davenport wasn’t ready to trust people. I can understand. Hire the wrong guy and we could end up with slit throats over the ship. Corbett had a slightly better ship but no shots were fired. He invited himself over, to get a feel of us I guess. Maybe he was plotting a takeover. We parted ways cordially but it’s come to blows every time we’ve seen him since. After our first few battles, we earned the respect–or fear, rather–of the world’s pirates. Except Corbett. He’s stubborn. Him and the world’s navies are the only ones that will still fire on us.

Well . . . I hope you enjoyed the story. I apologize if there isn’t many specifics. Tomorrow we’ll be in port. Don’t know what the captain has planned then.


First Mate Wagner


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