Captain’s Log Day 13


We’re now a day closer to the port. A few ships were spotted earlier this morning but Rowles reports that they were going northwest and aren’t likely to cross our path. He couldn’t identify the flags though but based on the description, I can only assume they were navy ships of some nation, probably one of the northern kingdoms. I’m not concerned. Milton reports that it will be at least another two days before we’re in sight of the port. So, for now, I shall leave you with another one of my poems, text below.

Winter Season

Across the white covered ground
Over the ice capped hills
The brilliant winter frost
Is all but lost

The cold creeps
The sky weeps
Tears of snow
As the winter grows

Tomorrow I’ll give you a little history on the Gilded Leviathan and crew, just to change it up. I would hate to bore you.


Captain Davenport


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