Captain’s Log Day 6


The captain is still down and out. The doctor isn’t allowing any visitors either so I don’t have a personal update on how he is feeling. Another few days and the doctor says he should be fine. And I haven’t seen sign of Wagner since we dropped anchor a few miles out of Argo Bay. I understand the Bay claimed his father but the Bay has claimed too many to even keep track of–or for the one to matter any at all. Seriously, the fact that the Bay almost had me too isn’t stopping me any.

In any event, in the spirit of the treasure that we found for you today, I will describe a bit about the area. Argo Bay is a natural harbor creating by a crescent shaped island. It is a warm place with warm water despite being so far north on the map. The west end of the natural harbor is a giant cliff, higher than the mast of the tallest ship I’ve ever seen, that gradually gets shorter as it circles the Bay so that the eastern section of the crescent shape is a sandy beach. Beyond the sand, the island has a dense forest. No man has ever set foot on the island as no ship can get close enough. The Bay claims the ships too soon. The Leviathan is anchored a bit close for my comfort but we’ve been fine so far. And any farther out would make expeditions to the site of the city impossible. It is believed that the cliff on the western part of the crescent once jutted farther out to sea and that this is what the city was built upon before the whole thing collapsed.

So, anyway, this treasure that we’ve found today is quite different indeed. It appears to be a letter from one of the city inhabitants to . . . well, someone that left. I wonder at that. Was it never sent?

Dearest Eliseo,

The City isn’t the same without you. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you’d return home. Mother feels the same as I but Father . . . well, he thinks that you did what you had to do. I mean, I suppose that the City isn’t for everyone. I just hope that you find what you are looking for on your journey. Maybe you could actually tell me what it is that you are looking for? And where are you? I hope that this letter reaches you wherever you may be.

I’ll stop lamenting for now. Perhaps you’d like to hear about how I’m doing? And Mother and Father and even Whire? And what about that Jutta? I’m sure you miss her. Well, I’ll have you know that she doesn’t miss you. She’s engaged now. That’s right, sweet little Jutta is engaged to be married. You don’t even want to ask to who. But I think you should know. You remember that gentleman? The older man who came to the City when we were young? His name is Donathan something. Must be fifty years old but poor ol’ Jutta will call him Husband.

Mother hardly leaves the house anymore. She has her hands full with Whire when he isn’t at Academy. Whire wasn’t in Academy when you left, was he? No, he couldn’t have been. He was much too young. How does that make you feel? You weren’t here for your little brother’s Academy Orientation. He probably doesn’t even know who you are, Eli.

And Father? He’s still training the boys. Well, he just got over a broken bone but the Director insisted he get back to training the Forces right away. Keeps insisting that I join the Forces. Doesn’t understand that I am not a man of war. Maybe I should have left with you. I might have considered but . . . outside these walls, Eli, the world scares me.

There are other people out there, right Eli? Like they taught us in Academy? They’re evil people right?

Are you . . . are you even still alive?

All the best,

As this treasure is of a different nature–and not at all a literary treasure left behind by the inhabitants of this city–we’ll be working on adding a new tab to the logbook to contain pieces like this, much like the Treasures section that was added yesterday. Check back for updates on that.


Second Mate Cisco


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