Captain’s Log Day 5

Good Morning,

The captain would like to make apologies for the mess that yesterday’s entry turned into. He would tell you himself but he became injured at some point during the storm. Doctor says he’ll be fine with a bit of rest and that it is nothing as far as head injuries go. Could of been a lot worse, we’re assured. We could have sunk, too. Probably should have sunk. The city doesn’t want to be messed with. There was a reason the place sank to the bottom of the sea. It doesn’t want the truth to get out. Can’t say why I even agreed to go on this voyage. Suppose it was either sail to Argo Bay on the Leviathan or on the Smoky Dragon, though at this point I’m hoping Captain Corbett has found better things to pursue.

As promised, we have retrieved the rest of the most voted on piece from the day 3 log. The winner is: Option Three. Just so we’re all on the same page, I’ve combined the piece we pulled up earlier with the rest of the text. All of it will appear below.

You move gracefully as you saunter through the night. The moon is full above you while the stars are black. It should be unsettling but the absence of the stars doesn’t affect you like it has the others. While they moan, almost in pain, crouching over to clutch their stomachs, you pull your shoulders back, chest out, and walk swiftly with your head held high.

You never realized before that the stars had been making them strong and yet had made you weak. But now, now things will never be the same. You will no longer shuffle forward, bowing your head to each one you pass. You no longer will collapse to your knees and press your lips to their mud covered boots. They hold no power over you anymore.

Now you, the one of no stars, will be revered by them. You’ll make them drop to their knees as you pass. You’ll kick dirt into their faces for no reason at all. And why not? They did it to you.
But you’re alone in the street. No one is around. The darkness of this night seems to have chased them into the safety of their homes. You didn’t know it was possible for them to be afraid of the dark.

You’re frustrated.

This new found power and no one to use it on.

You scream.

You shout.

You extend your arms to the sky and release this completely guttural groan.

The streets echo with the sound. Your eyes drift closed as you feel the dark sky leaping to respond to your call. You can hear shutters opening and closing above you as families come to the windows above their shops, awakened by your calls.

The dark power floods into you, rushing through your veins and chilling your very soul. Chilling your soul.

You can feel the darkness like fire in your eyes as you bring your arms down from the sky, closing the floodgates. You take a step forward as a figure at the end of the street catches your gaze. Grinning, you move forward, darkness swirling around your limbs with the effort, and he moves to meet you.

The figure is a man, you’re certain. But you’ve never seen him before. He wasn’t from this city, this place of stars. And he isn’t afraid of you. The absence of the stars doesn’t seem to disturb him at all.
You stutter as the two of you close the distance. He isn’t afraid of you. And why not? You hold the power now. No stars are there to make you weak.

Anger. Anger courses through you as you stop moving forward. You lift a shadow engulfed arm, hand extended, towards the man. He smiles and returns the gesture. You snarl.

Maybe this night won’t be such a waste after all.

And, as per order of the captain, we have added a new section to the Logbook, called Treasures. You may access it by the tabs along the top. This section will contain the text of each of the treasures we have discovered thus far, to be updated as necessary. It will make later searches for particular pieces much more convenient.


Second Mate Cisco


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