Captain’s Log Day 1


In honor of the launch of this expedition, the first treasure I shall provide you with is the old legend surrounding the mystery of Argo Bay. Told in verse, the origins of this piece are unknown. Some speculate that it came directly from one of the citizens of the sunken city in the form of parchment in a bottle, washed up onshore years after the city’s collapse. Other think that perhaps a child doing some book learning had the inspiration to write it. Alas, no one will know the truth. All we know is that the piece has been around for at least a couple of centuries and is the very reason that many, including the king’s navy boys, make the voyage to Argo Bay. This piece is also posted under the About section of this log if you wish to reference it in the future. The piece has simply been called The Treasure of Argo Bay though I believe it had a more elaborate name back when it was first discovered. If it had, the name has been lost. You’ll find the text below.

The Treasure of Argo Bay

Below the gently lapping waves,

farther down then yet the diver braves,

there lies a treasure. A forgotten treasure.

For centuries it has lay

forgotten in the Argo Bay

of Gold. A gilded bay.

For centuries it will continue

to hide in the depths of the cool blue ocean

yet disturbed by a gentle gust. A terrible gust.

Once there was a proud society,

built atop the outcropping of the bay

for all to see. A sight lost.

Once there was a city paved with streets of gold

that had yet to behold

the evils of its inhabitants. A dormant evil.

To lie dormant for years

the city would until one courageous enough

set about searching. A search wasted.

It cannot be uncovered,

that which wishes to remain hidden.

A hidden treasure. A forgotten city.


Captain Davenport       3.13.14


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